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Anybody Still Coding?
Does anybody here still code? I stopped a while back but I am thinking about getting back into it.
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Never been a coder myself, when I've had the time to learn I don't have the willpower. When I have the will, I don't have the time.

What do you like coding?
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I am taking a HTML and .CSS with javascript class but other than that I am not really coding much.
Pretty much all my C++ and C# knowledge has ran away as i haven't put it to much use for like a year now. So no.
i dont know how but would maybe like to learn
I code a bit in my free time, but primarily it is for my college courses. Recently I have been working on a few HTML and Java projects. I used to code way more often but have since taken a break. I plan to get back into it at some point. It's challenging and rewarding.
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Pretty much everyday.

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