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Are Sports Games Dying?
If your a person who has played any sports games over the years and has witnessed a new sports game come out year after year. You might realize that new things within the games is starting to die off. Yes, the statistics and players/teams change each year, but as a video game do you really think that we should have to buy a new game each year just for some updates to the rosters?

Do you think sports games are dying off? Will they be able to produce a good sports game year after year for the next 10 years?
Im not sure if there dying off but i know a new fifa football game comes out every year.And they will make an olympics game when the olympics are on every 4 years i think it is.And i will play the odd tennis game that comes out evey year other than this i dont really know if there dying off.In my opinion i dont think so as even if it is 1 game atleast they make a new sports game every year
Sports games are definitely not dying off. Game franchises like MLB The Show, Madden, and 2K Sports keep increasing their quality and reality.
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Like Moss said, some gaming franchises are doing fine with releasing a game every year... notably MLB The Show and NBA 2K.

I'm fine with it as long as a decent amount changes are being made each entry. So it bugs me when games like NCAA Football do little more than update the rosters/change the menus and sell a ton.
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i will buy a new game every 4-5years no point in buying more. i have no time to play them so i don't care all that much about them.
Even if they don't change, people will still buy them. Some noticeable change every year would be great though.
I just never buy 2 games in a franchise in consecutive years. A year isn't enough time if you want to see a real upgrade, so I usually try to wait at least 2 or 3 years between games.
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Something I like to do is wait until the next version of the game is released, and then buy the previous version cheap on eBay.
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I've never been into sports video games, but I do feel that the trend is dying somewhat. Three years ago or so it seemed like everybody wanted the latest NFL for the PlayStation or xBox or Game Boy or whatever.... those kinds of games don't seem to be as popular as they once were. I myself prefer RPG games like Pokemon or Mario games or racing games like Mario Kart.
I don't think so, Madden might be, but NBA isn't I see alot of people play it, even the old ones. Tongue

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