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Are you like me?
I always check my phone every now and then when I hear a notification. Or to watch YouTube or Netflix.
How prescient this post was. 8 years ago and since then pretty much everyone is just like this. Tongue

Talk about foreshadowing.
It's still much more easy when you're at pc. Pretty sure everything will be made more faster and easier rather than on your mobile phones.
Yes, I use my phone for much more then just calls and texts these days. It's like... an addiction.. I can't stop... Halp.
I do it with my phone and my laptop, not only one but two.
(08-29-2012, 06:17 PM)pandaa Wrote: It's getting to the point where I use my phone not only from calls and texts, but I also browse the web a TON on it. So much that I'm considering getting rid of my desktop. Is this something you've noticed as well, or am I just strange? Tongue

I don't think I could ever get rid of our PC.   We use our phones a lot too, but for bigger games and web design, writing, etc., it's PC all the way.
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