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[Batch] NetDisplay v2
NOTE: I do not take any credits for this program. I am just sharing this very useful/cool tool. The credits are in the program.

This is version 2 of NetDisplay, a batch program that scans continuously to gather basic information about alive hosts on the local network.
The batch file is designed to be left running on a server. The HTML output page is designed to be used as a browser Home Page on the administrator's workstation, typically via a Network Share on the server where the batch file is running.

HTML Output Page:
[spoiler][Image: KA0ByDK.png][/spoiler]

Console Output
[spoiler][Image: rSowBwu.png][/spoiler]

  • Displays IP address, hostname, MAC address, and logged on users
  • Automatic subnet detection
  • Original graphics with animations
  • Google Search with javascript autofocus, autorefresh
  • Requires no external files or libraries, works offline
  • Images scale up their detail with zooming and never become pixelated
  • Page works at any size or zoom level
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript and SVG all fully self-contained inside a single batch file

    How To Get It:
    NetDisplay has to run in it's own folder to function efficiently. So first create a new folder anywhere titled NetDisplay.
    After that create a new .txt document in the folder titled NetDisplay.txt
    Then open the document and paste the following into the document:
    Then click save and rename it NetDisplay.bat AND MAKE SURE IT IS ALL FILES!

    Hope you guys enjoy this awesome program!
[Image: VTTEBfm.png?1]
I remember doing something similar for an ICT Project like 5 years ago.
Oh the joys of school. However with their being like 500 things on the network at once the thing liked to crash a lot. ^^
[Image: 7.gif]

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