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Best Practices for Advertisements in 2020?
It's 2020. The internet is as prevalent as ever. I see people making some revenue and paying the server bills with ads all the time, but it's usually obvious when a website starts amking money. Whether it's a blog that's littered with popup ads and push notifications, or whether it's a forum where every random text gets turned into an affiliate link, it requires a lot of traffic and/or advertisements to really even break even it seems. 

On top of that, I don't really use Adblock, but quite a lot of people do. I do have it installed. I turn it on occasionally if I visit a website that the fan ramps up and the website maxes out 100% CPU, but then I usually just don't visit the website again afterwards (rather than leaving Adblock on). I don't have anything against people who use it, but I've always felt kinda weird about it personally. 

In any case, advertisements don't really pay out well, and you have to have a TON of them to really make a lot of money. And on top of that, Adsense and various other providers are MUCH pickier than they used to be. 

What are some general best practices for advertisements in 2020? How do you approach breaking even without resorting to popups, push notifactions, or obtrusive ads? 

Saw this section, figured I'd ask Smile
Make use of niche-relevant affiliate banner ads.

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