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CasualCastiel, post: 11878, member: 482 Wrote:Err.... right then. XD

Just to clarify: There's "other kinds of that" because those you posted are the Reader's Digest magazines, while Reader's Digest also puts out full books in a pretty wide range of subjects, from religion to nature to whatever else. Which is why I was wondering which you meant. But now I can see. Smile
Ohhhh now I get what you mean
It's me Zai your friendly neighborhood duckling!
Favorite Genre? I can go with any genre as long as the story is really interesting.
Favorite Book? I would say The Hunger Games because when I saw the movie, It was exactly what I visualized when I read the book or any Sherlock Holmes
Favorite Author? Arthur Conan Doyle

I also like reading Game-related Visual novels or novels and Manga
erwinJLT, post: 11891, member: 820 Wrote:The Hunger Games because when I saw the movie, It was exactly what I visualized
Yeah, they did a great job making the movie as close to the book as possible. I was really surprised. Most of the differences were small and unnoticeable.
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Never Forget
Favourite genre: Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, Romantic
Favourite book: The Glass Lake
Favourite author: Meave Binchy
E - book or classic: Classic
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