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COVID-19 - The 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak
I live in PEI the smallest province of Canada and there three confirmed cases here now. They are setting up checkpoints at the airports, the bridge that links PEI to the mainland New Brunswick, the boat that goes to Nova Scotia and the boat that goes The Magdalen Islands so they will testing anybody that comes back anywhere else in Canada than they have self-isolate themselves for 14 days enough if they don't test post positive for the virus.
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At least with the island its easier to control the flow of people in/out in regards to screening. Hopefully that will help ya'll out in controlling the spread.

Here, its a free-for-all.

The death total has passed 15,000. Undecided I didn't think we'd see that to be honest.
Things are very bad all over. I dont think we are being told the accurate information of deaths.
I am supposed to Halifax, Nova Scotia in May for a surgery to replace a value in my heart but they aren't sure if that will be an option this year but it's not that life threatening so if has to wait until the fall or early next year that it won't be a big deal. My mother and my husband are going with me so I don't want to go over there if this still going than come back to get self-isolated for 14 days especially for my husband because he works in at grocery store so he can't afford to miss anytime right now on account that need everyone to help out during this.
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I hope this is over with by May! I hope you get whatever you need for your health too.
(03-23-2020, 04:35 PM)Aeowulf Wrote: I hope this is over with by May! I hope you get whatever you need for your health too.

It's very unlucky that it will be over before May because are saying it probably won't be over until the summer now when the warm weather hits. I will know more around the first of May because the hospital said that they will call back then to let me know.
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I'm hoping the warm weather helps kill it. Even if people aren't going "out" they should still get outside occasionally for fresh air and sun (Vitamin D).

We now have 5 confirmed cases at my workplace.
They are saying in PEI that could be rise in cases confirmed here but I am hoping that doesn't happen. It's really hard for me because I miss being able to hangout with my friends and talking them on the phone isn't the same.
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There are now 5 confirmed cases on PEI now. The two new cases were two men in 30s that went travelling to Dominican and the States even through they were told not. They both self-isolated themselves upon arrival home and got tested so now that they are recovering. The 5 cases in PEI have all been mild cases.
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Hopefully with isolation the numbers won't continue to rise.

Stay safe everyone!

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