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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Legacy Edition

So they announced the new Call of Duty, and guess what? They have remastered Call of Duty 4! Unfortunately it will only contain 10 multiplayer maps and no DLC.  Sad Anyways, at the moment you can only get COD4 via Legacy Edition which is 79.99, or Digital Deluxe Edition which is 99.99 ( 100.00 ) I'm definately purchasing the legacy edition. :Tonguehat about you?
I'm so burnt out on Call of Duty games. Tongue So repetitive. I'm ready for them to move on to something else now.

That price is really high for a 'remaster.' Just my opinion of course.
It's not just a remastered, Tongue It's both Infinity Warfare & COD4. Tongue

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