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Ever been in a coma?
For many people, it's unknown that you're officially considered 'in a coma' if you're unconscious for more than 24 hours. As the daughter of someone who went in and out of comas regularly (my father, when I was in middle school), and after seeing the 'longest without sleeping' thread, it made me wonder... How much do you guys sleep? Have you ever been in a coma?
Thinking of this coma seems a little bit scary...I don't wanna see any of my family members on this situation sleeping for some time because of coma.

I am sleeping 5-7 hours a day sometimes 4-5hours depends on things to do for my work and my family Smile
I sleep 7 hours sometimes 8...
No, I have never been in a coma..
I never been in a coma,but my cousin did.. it's crazy.
Nope and I wouldn't like to either that stuff is deep.

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