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Anyone here who has a website, blog or forum will probably use a FTP. Do you?
[Image: 15.gif]
FTP and SFTP Wink
I have 3 sites.

But,There is no probability to use FTP.

Can I know what are the main features of FTP?

FTP stands For?
It stands for File Transfer Protocol. It allows you to transfer files from your desktop PC to your web server.

I use it most days and my favourite piece of FTP software is FileZilla.
If you have your own server or leasing space on a commercial server, then you'll have to deal with an FTP. When we first got online in the mid-1990's we had to connect to our FTP from the run prompt in Windows 95, 98. Today, we connect by logging into a control panel and use the graphical FTP to update our sites. Smile
Ofcouse, every webmasters should have used FTP at least once.

My first FTP was CoreFTP. After that I downloaded FileZilla and found out that FileZilla is faster and safer. And so I uninstall CoreFTP and use FileZilla till today.
I own several websites and I always use FTPs in order to manage my websites easily and fast. FileZilla is one of the most reliable and convenient FTPs free softwares. It is very user-friendly and easy-to-use while it is available for a wide variety of languages! In addition, it runs on Windows, Linux and on Mac OS X which is a perfect feature! Finally, it supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
I have been using it for many years and I am very satisfied with it. Its speed is incredible and FileZilla Official Support is exceptional. I would like to try more softwares in order to review them and choose what is the best.
I usually use FTP to manage my sites. I occasionally have to use SHH and a more commandline based on two of the sites I work for because they use a little of a git to manage versions of the sites.
Jup, FTP. Using the standard FileZilla. Great tool and great way to manage site.
I would consider using a shell if I had one for my webhosting.
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You cannot beat WinSCP for FTP transfers. It is more secure software than others available.

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