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Full Protection On Your PC Malware Proof!
Full Protection On Your PC Malware Proof!

All of these security programs will help you become nearly malware and hacker proof or at least be more safer than you are now.

Before we begin make sure that you uninstall your old Anti-viruses as they might cause errors.

Step 1)
[Image: avg12-logo-head-free.png]
Download a basic Anti-virus like Free AVG

Step 2)
[Image: draft_lens2036774module10060951photo_121...f_logo.gif]
ThreatFire protects you by:
  • Encrypting your keystrokes
  • Detecting new ZeroDay malware exploits
  • Detecting backdoored programs
  • Detects crypted files
  • Protects from the newest and most FUD malware out there!
  • And much more! Like DDoS prevention.
Download it here:

Step 3)
[Image: titlebar-logo.gif]

MalwareBytes Free Anti-Malware
MalwareBytes detects and removes malware it's just an extra layer of protection!
Get it here:

Step 4)
[Image: MastheadLogo.jpg]

Sandboxie can be used to execute programs you are not sure if they are safe or not. Sandboxie is like testing the program on a different computer without infecting you. When finished using an untrusted program just terminate all processes in sandboxie.
Download here:

Step 5)
[Image: comodo+logo.png]
Comodo Firewall is more than just a firewall it also detects registry files being edited, added and files being dropped to a directory. "A multi-layered security application that will constantly monitor and defend your PC from Internet attacks".
Download here:

Step 6)
[Image: cc_64.png]

CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.

Download here:

Now your computer is at least 300% more safer. Enjoy this guide! Exclusively for HackSociety and AdvancedSociety from Carnis! Hope you enjoy your secure computer!

Enjoy guys!
[Image: 7NhDCRS.gif]
Former Global Mod
Very nice list. I would recommend CCleaner Enhancer if you get CCleaner as it makes it way more powerful at cleaning crap.
Good ol' Sandboxie.
Let's me hack with Cheat Engine when it's detected. Smile
[Image: 7.gif]
Sandboxie is so outdated, it isn't even recommended anymore.

I use Avira Free, Comodo Firewall & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and VMWare. I don't even know why I moved from all in one products, I don't download garbage anyway. Big Grin
What's VMWare? Is that like VirtualBox?
Yes, I prefer VMWare over Virtualbox though. It feels more stable.
I haven't had a problem with VirtualBox *knocks on wood* and that's what I am used to. Seems pretty stable at the moment but they do tend to update often as well, which is a bit annoying.
You can not Fully Protect your PC from Malware because every day New and Stronger Source's are Created and can Bypass the Security of a PC/Server.

But this will definetly Make it more secure.
Now all you need is Brave Browser and a VPN. Big Grin

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