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GIMP: Complete Animation TuT
[Image: tut.png]
[Image: 7NhDCRS.gif]
Former Global Mod
Looks great, you have been posting a lot in the graphics forum.
[Image: 4.png]
Hell yeah my fellow member :7
[Image: 7NhDCRS.gif]
Former Global Mod
You're spamming the forums with stuff you haven't put any effort into.
Happens Again.
You will be suspended from posting and have posts reset.
We may joke about it. But it's being taken too far now.
[Image: 7.gif]
yeah too be honest pure u are spamming a lot of random crap. could u please calm down a bit?
btw is that even ur tutorial? i kinda doubt itBig Grin
nice explanation, I did something like this back in high school when messing with gimp.

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