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GUI Editors
What is a GUI Editor?
GUI page editors allow you to create a Web page using your mouse and a toolbar. Functionality is usually limited to creating individual Web pages.

GUI website management editors provide both Web page creation and site management functionality. They allow teams of designers and developers to work in an integrated environment to design, build, and manage website and Internet applications. In addition to creating Web pages, team members can manage the entire website with this type of application, both during and after development. Site management includes task automation and workflow integration with other programs in a production environment.

So, do you prefer to use GUI editors or do you prefer to write your code from scratch? If you use GUI editors, what editors do you use? If you write your code from scratch what program do you use?

Personally, I prefer to use a basic text editor (I use Sublime Text 2) to create and modify my HTML and CSS files. Doing it this way ensures that I will not receive any unwanted codes on my page. Plus, if I code it completely by my lonesome and all of a sudden something stops working, I can easily trace my steps and find the error quickly.
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I absolutely hate GUI editors. Some of them have their advantages but I know it does look like you are a complete noob sometimes when you do use them. I am not saying that everyone that uses them is a noob, I am saying that after looking on forums and seeing all the crap people get when they use a GUI editor, it pretty much makes you look like a noob. I used to use a GUI editor when I first started out, but I couldn't tell you the name of it anymore.

I am a Windows users and I have been experimenting with GUI editors. I have used WebMatrix and Visual Studio to create some GUIs, I personally like WebMatrix when creating a webpage. You do not drag and drop elements, you actually have to program everything in yourself, but it does tell you if there are any errors in the code.
It don't really matter, just because you have a GUI editor doesn't mean you can't write code.

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