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How do you do with deadlines?
So, in my current line of work, I don't really get too many deadlines. I've gotten a few more recently, with my next deadline being on the 17th. I have to read a comic and review it by then, to send to the author who asked to use my reviews in a promotional video! I'm excited, but the deadline makes me a bit nervous. Do you do well with deadlines, or do they make you uneasy? I'm curious who gets anxious like me vs. who thrives on them.
I usually have last-minute need this done by an hour ago deadlines, so I rush a lot.

If I am fortunate to have a long-term dated deadline, I roadmap everything. I set up milestones for how long things should take and put them with reminders on my calendar. I usually leave wiggle room so if I drop something I have time to pick it back up and complete. Its worked for me so far.
What sort of things do you have that give you deadlines, Aeowulf? My current deadline is based on a comic I have to read and review.
System accreditations for work. They normally have a deadline have to have everything from reviews and validations, to paperwork and concurrence completed by. Others are documentation or process deadlines. I tend to spend a lot of time overhauling how my section does things. I take the processes, watch them for a bit, then flip then make changes where needed to eliminate wasted time and effort.

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