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Judgemental People
The forum that I was banned from 11 months ago has changed a lot in over that time because people are getting way too judgemental for my liking. They made a new rule about signatures not being able to contain any offensive material because they happens to be kids on the forum which includes the following:
Blood; No blood whatsoever, some people can't stand the sight of blood.
Gore; No gory signatures
Nudity; Use common sense

My online best friend's picture for avatar and signature of The Mandalorian got removed because it contain blood in it. 

There's a poll about your favorite wrestler which my online friend best friend said that her favorite was the Rock and her least favorite is John Cena. She also said that she couldn't see what people saw in John Cena and now it's being criticize for me being too judgemental. 

I don't like way people are being towards my best online friend since she rejoined only because she missed the forum like I did. It has me thinking about whether I went to continuing be a member on there. I have also seriously been thinking about a private forum for just me and my best online friend similar to that forum where the members from that forum won't be able to have access to it.

[Image: sUcVbBf.gif]
[Image: 1Nddp69.png]
^Avatar made by an online friend of mine^
^Signature made by another online friend of mine^
^Glow text made by me^

Sorry to hear.

Y'all can all come over here if you want!

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