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Responsibility in taking care of the elderly
Who should be responsible for taking care of the elderly, the government, their families, or the elderly themselves?

I think that the elderly person's family should be the first care givers for them, if they cannot take care of themselves.
Family first, but that doesn't preclude the individual for putting themselves in a position to be taken care of. For example, someone that intentionally leads a debt-ridden unhealthy life and expects their children to care for them in their old age.

I think the individual should do their part, so they don't become as much of a true burden on their families.
I used to think of that when my father gets sick...our parents are the ones who sacrifices for all of us when we were young and needs support, gives us food to eat, shelter, education and everything.

I guess we have to do the same for them when we are capable to take care of them...when their might began to subside, we really need them to give support and we need to be with them when times they need us.

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