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Simple changes you could make
What simple change could you make in your life that would have the biggest positive impact?

THe one change that would impact my life for the better, would be going after a job that I am qualified for, and haggling for benefits that would benefit myself in such a way, that I wouldn't need to worry about family and a house to live in.
For me there are three simple changes... Well, one isn't actually simple to me, but it's an overarching problem.

1. Take walks more regularly, for my health. Just a tiny bit of exercise would do me a great deal of good.
2. Marketing myself more as an editor/writer in freelancing.
3. Stop being insanely lazy. If I got my chores done, I'd get a bit more exercise... and be less overwhelmed by how much there is to di.
Being a perfectionist is what I am and I think I have to get rid of that attitude, because as I get's older I've realize that nobody's perfect. Everyone commits mistakes. I often misunderstood with that way of being a perfectionist and I guess it has to be changed...I have to change Smile
Get a job and stop wasting time on the PC all day long.
Go on and stay on a diet for me and my family. This has eluded us for years. Sad
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Procrastination or Mañana Habit should be taken away as well Smile
I could make a change to be more productive, but this is a big step!
(03-10-2020, 09:28 PM)AliceKlane Wrote: I could make a change to be more productive, but this is a big step!

What do you want to produce?
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1. Make more money.
2. Read 1.
3. Spend less money, save more money.
4. Finish university, so that I can make more money.

-A broke university student that needs to freaking graduate. Tongue
No more soda!!! Big Grin
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