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As a huge fan, I love this series. Here's a little plot summary I've found.

"22 years ago, John Winchester awoke in the middle of the night to find his wife, Mary, pinned to the ceiling, bleeding from the stomach, and set aflame. He managed to get his sons, 4-year-old Dean and six-month old Sam, out of the house, but Mary was killed leaving John devastated and determined for revenge against the supernatural creature that murdered her. Present day, John has raised his sons to fight supernatural forces. Demons, ghosts, even cryptologic creatures. However, they can't find the thing that killed Mary. With his constant clashes with his father, Sam becomes disenchanted with the hunter's lifestyle, and goes away to college, where he falls in love with a girl named Jessica Moore. After years of estrangement, Dean shows up at Sam and Jess' one night to ask for Sam's help to look for their father who had gone missing during a "hunting trip". At first, Sam is reluctant to be roped back into the world of hunting and prefers his "safe" normal life he had managed to make for himself with Jess, but when he finds Jess dead through the same M.O. as their mother, he sets out with Dean to find their father by following any supernatural leads they can find across the country, hoping they track him down."

This series always has something new happening, there's never a time when there's no action. I am on the 5th season, and I haven't seen a "filler" episode yet. "Myths" of the real world come to life in this series as every supernatural creature has they're weakness, special abilities, etc as Sam and Dean hunt all supernatural beings down.
I recommend this show to everyone.
Yea this is a good show, it has to be one my historical favorites, I haven't be watching it lately, but I'm sure the episodes are as good as they have always have been.
I remember seeing the first season as soon as it was released here in Portugal. I loved it until they defeated Lucifer, and then I stopped seeing, I really don't know why,
My husband and I stick with it for sentimentality's sake. Not to say that the show isn't good, because it does have its moments, but sometimes it does get a little long-winded. Understandable for a series that already has nine seasons under its belt. My husband used to watch it with his mother when she was alive, and it was a bonding point for the two of us when we were dating. Even now, we usually watch the episodes together.

It's sad to think that next year means the end of the line for the Winchester boys, but I'm happy they already have a sequel in the works. I really hope it gets aired!
To be honest, pretty much all the Ghostfacers episodes have been fillers, in my opinion.
I love the show, it's amazing, but the Ghostfacers episodes have been a bit bleh.
But I started watching it when my current significant other and I began dating because they love it, and I fell in love with it.
So they come over on Tuesdays and we watch it together, or Thursdays and we watch it on Hulu (:
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I may start watching this, since I am running out of good things to watch on netflix. I am almost done watching Prison Break, which is an amazing series you guys should watch if you have netflix!
Cant wait for the new season..i am so addicted to this series!!
It is my husband's favorite show so when he started going out he me into watching it and I have been a huge fan every since. I was already a fan of Jensen Ackles who portrays Dean Winchester from the soap opera Days Of Our Lives.

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