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Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber?
If you had a choice to listen to either one, which one would you listen to? Tongue Smile
I do like both; however, One Direction has my vote, although they officially split up in December.
Taylor Swift. Justin Beiber sucks. He's a rich spoiled pest who's had tons of runins with the law already and he's not even in his 30s yet. I mean, I like some artists who have had run inside with the law but I still love/like them because they don't make a huge scene about having a criminal record.
I'm not sure, both have some garbage songs but both also have songs that are kind of catchy!
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I'm for Taylor Swift, especially her country songs way back. She never hesitates to write songs inspired by her failed relationships, which makes it catchy to me. However, it seems like Taylor evolved her music in another way around. I can't hear country anymore. Well, change is indeed constant.
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