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Ubuntu 20.04
The last Ubuntu LTS (long term support) release was about two years ago for 18.04. This was the first LTS where they ditched Unity (their home-baked desktop environment) in favor of a Gnome lookalike. It was good. Gnome is honestly better, but there were things about Unity that were very unique and nice. There were features that were lost, and some of them were very good features (such as the heads up display). 

I tried the beta of 20.04, and it's NICE. Much smoother, much more polished, and altogether done right. I'm very excited about the release, and will be upgrading my servers to it shortly after it comes out. I might switch my Debian dev machine and use Ubuntu instead, as long as it's relatively stable in time for the release.

Any Ubuntu users here? What are your thoughts?

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