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Welcome to ProTechModz
Welcome to ProTechModz. We thank you for visiting this site, make sure to sign up and stay active.
Here we try to make it easy for you to make posts, and get feedback as soon as possible. We have very good staff that will help you find your way around the site. And this is a modding and a gaming site too.

Their is Premium members options which will be given for free to the first 25 members, after that you will have to earn gold by being helpful and active and inviting members.
That is it so feel to join and tell your friends about this awesome site.
(02-25-2012, 11:03 AM)Toast Wrote: hello, can i get free premium please? thanks.

also i plan on being quite active here

yes you can get free premium
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Welcome everyone...
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Welcome everyone!
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Welcome everyone!

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