Poll: What gaming system do you play?
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XBOX 360
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What system do you play?
If you play videogames, what system do you have and play?
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Playstation 3 for me. I'd be playing it right now if I didn't give it up for Lent. :/
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I play PS3 primarily as well. I occasionally play the Wii with my siblings though, and I spent quite a bit of time playing Skyward Sword.
PC here. No other consoles other then a PS2 which
My brother built a really nice gaming computer that I use every now and then (mostly for just Minecraft).

But yeah, I still play PS3 a lot more.
[Image: cxu.png]
I probably primarily use the Xbox 360 as that is what I have Madden 13 on, but the PS2 is very close behind it. I like to play NBA 2k8 on the PS2 sometimes. Smile
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I use my Xbox 360 that I got for Christmas mostly.
I play the PS2 and the Wii, and I often play on Chris's xBox
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Nice question. I myself, is a gamer. I play on many consoles, but mainly PC and XBOX. The two of them just appeal the most to me. To any other steam users, add me! (Jinxwizard)
Miami Heat and Clippers FTW! xD
I play a lot of things. I do not play as much video games as I used to. Presently, I play mostly PC games because I am always on my computer during work stuff. It is more convenient that way. I used to play Pokemon on Nintendo Game-boy. It was an addictive game.

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