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What websites do you visit daily?
When you log onto your computer, what websites do you visit on a daily basis. Social Networks, Forums, Youtube?
[Image: Ugr3C.png]
I visit this forum, Forum Promotion, Facebook, YouTube, and Empire Hostings on a daily basis.
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This forum, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
Twisted Promotion, Forum Promotion, YouTube, Gmail, Google.
But my favorite site which I visit it every day is... Photoshop Tutorials.
CenterStageSports, DigitalPoint, Forum Promotion, My Emails, Craiglist, Youtube, Facebook, and a few others I guess.
[Image: CenterStageSports.png]
I visit Facebook, VGBoxart, Youtube, Reddit, Gameinformer, and good ol' CSF on a daily basis.
[Image: cxu.png]
I'm usually checkin' up on my forum, first of all. I look to see what's new and make sure there's nothing that needs moderating.

I'll usually check Facebook, as that's how I keep up with some friends and family.

Other than that, I don't usually go anywhere on a regular basis.
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I Used Google and Yahoo Daily for SEO to mu Websites :winktongue: :winktongue: :winktongue:

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forumpromotion, SWC, Facebook, MetsBlog PBS Support.
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facebook, this, thehockeynation, email, school account, mlive, si, espn, puck daddy (yahoo hockey blog) as season approaches and occurs, wwmt

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