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Youtube! Do you make videos?
If you have a Youtube channel that you upload to, share it and one of your videos.

I'll go first:

[Image: arcade_stick_pixel_art_by_mr_sage-d74lpjk.gif]

Never Forget
ooh goodness, I haven't touched my youtube channel in a while!

[Image: Gptleader-468-2.gif]
Yeah i have a youtube channel, but i only upload to it when im either drunk or have free time.
There is no theme to the channel, non consistency, its not even monetized unless i used some 3rd party music or something.
Or the alternative link in my signature.

This is the kind of content to expect:
I do have youtube! I recently started making videos again, or rather, kind of videos but some come from my stream...
[Image: 697028-twitch-48.png][Image: 697029-twitter-48.png]
Dont use yt much so
[Image: 4.gif]

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