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iOS apps
I have recently become addicted to Fall Down 2. It's a quick game to play during commercials or whenever you're bored.
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It's interesting that this topic was started a few months back.

The Apple App market is in full run again. The announcement of iOS 7 has sent developers on their feet. It's going to be interesting to see what's popular now. Smile
Hello... Smile
I used to play snapchat. Its being fun on playing apple phones..
Has anyone played Castaway Paradise?
Now a days I am using lot of apps but some are here Photoshop Fix, Uber, snapchat, cash and some games i.e. PKT ball, sparkwave, looty dungeon and many more.
I have games like Stack, PVZ2, Color Switch, Four Letters, Turn, and O2Jam U installed on my iPad. I also have teacher-essential apps like Teacher Kit to help me with my grade recordings in class. I have also installed Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.
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