Award Name Description
Modder Modder Released a mod for a game.
Developer Developer Released an application, game, plugin, etc.
Wulverine Wulverine Donated ₩ 1,000 back to the forum.
Writer Writer Writer of a high-quality, unique tutorial.
Fitness Guru Fitness Guru Provider of high-quality infomation or motivation about fitness.
Gamer Gamer 1k posts in the Gaming section
Ticket Counter Ticket Counter 1k posts in the Entertainment section
Art Snob Art Snob 1k posts in the Graphics sections
Sideline Coach Sideline Coach 1k posts in the Sports sections
The 1000 The 1000 Acheived 1k total posts
Artificially Intelligent Artificially Intelligent 1k posts in the Technology sections
Art Teacher Art Teacher Post 10 threads in the Graphics Tutorials section
Professor Professor Post 10 threads in the Tutorials section.

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