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I do apologize for the long hiatus. I was moving cross country and dealing with a new job and renovating the new house. Spent nearly a month living out of a hotel, and had a slew of other things going on. I am finally settled, and hope to put some time and effort into getting this place going again.

Hello, my name is Xoggg!

I checked out this forum and it seemed really cool actually and different from some of the other forums I usually post on. Figured I would give it a chance and meet the community.

I am a developer that honestly just develops stuff for fun. I don't make anything specific but as of recently my main language has been node.js for building bots for different types of things. A few other languages I use are, PHP, Delphi, and Python.

I often participate in CTF events as well to expand my pentesting knowledge. Alongside computer science I am a gamer, and sometimes I enjoy editing videos or doing some sort of GFX.

I hope to meet some cool people on here, and share some of the things I either create or resources I have for different categories. Big Grin

Coldplay are a British rock band formed in London in 1996. The band consists of vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and pianist Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, drummer Will Champion, and creative director Phil Harvey.

I've heard their song Viva la Vida on the radio a lot of over the years but I wasn't really a fan of them until my favorite group BTS covered their song Fix You and I decided to get into liking them.

Coldplay and BTS have released a song called My Universe which Coldplay's new album Music of the Spheres that comes on October 15th which I am going to guy with the money that I got from my cousins for my birthday.

I myself am partial to : crispy crust cheese bread with lots of raw tomatoes and rosemary, laurel leaves, apple vinegar, olive oil and dipped in a tomato sauce. My favourite Italian place serves them that way but unfortunately, haven't been able to go there for awhile due to the lockdown where I live. What about you?

I personally love : Twizzlers, liquorice and all fruity jujubes from Squish, a local and independent Canadian vegan candy shop where I live downtown. Course, haven't been there for over a year since the lockdown in my area. I used to love their alcohol flavoured ones the most myself. What's yours?

As a side dish I mean, not as a main. I like mine myself : fried, sauteed, in a stew/soup, with ketchup, soy sauce, in Sushi and finally with grilled/steamed/sauteed veggies and grilled or BBQ meats. How about you?

For me personally, my favourites are: green tea Kit-Kat, mint Aero, Toblerone and Coffee Crisp. I find coffee and chocolate to be perfect match myself. What's yours?

I personally love : chocolate fondue sauce, whipped cream, chocolate fudge and butterscotch on any dessert. What's yours?

I myself enjoy mine with : tartar sauce with my fish, ketchup and malt vinegar or music peas and gravy or curry sauce on my chips. How about you you?

I love pies as a side dish or a starter, like mini chicken pot pie, mince pies and dessert pies. Chocolate ice-cream pie is my personal favourite dessert pie flavour. Yum. What's yours?

Rosemary, laurel leaf, pesto, garlic and sage for I myself. How about you?

My personal number 1 usual and most favourite 1 is : Les 3 Brasseurs. Actually, it's the only bar I've been to regularly as it's a family bar/coffee shop that serves non-alcoholic drinks too there. And you personally?

I myself am partial to : honey BBQ, BBQ, Teriyaki and honey Dijon mustard for my cooked meats or cold cuts. What's yours?

I love personally mine with : soup and salad and finally cheese and crackers with a nice iced tea or iced soda to go with it. How about you?

I personally love a lot on my raw veggies : humus, ranch, Cesar, balsamic, cheese, garlic, pesto and ketchup. What's yours?

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