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Squish's PSD Pack v1
No preview atm, computer shut down on last try on PS CS6 trial, ill re download PS6 and do previews.
[spoiler][Image: 9bffa7.png][/spoiler]

Virus Scan:
Coming soon
[Image: 7NhDCRS.gif]
Former Global Mod
No preview :O

That is like having a strange giving you a liquid substance and telling you to drink it :p
I assure you it is good, I'll post a virus scan.
[Image: 7NhDCRS.gif]
Former Global Mod
Nice release Big Grin
[Image: 7.gif]
I feel like working with some new PSDs today so thanks for the download, appreciate it!
Downloaded, gonna check it out!
To bad I don't have PS anymore Sad
[Image: VTTEBfm.png?1]

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