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News New Theme in Development
I have been looking for a custom theme developer for a while now, but haven't been able to find the right fit. I have also had a theme "in development" for a few weeks that's just been sitting there. In response to what I feel is a consensus, I have made some of the changes needed to feel comfortable with it and am releasing a slightly modified version of the development theme.

We have 3 themes to choose from. I will be keeping a light and dark variant at minimum. That said, please choose which theme you prefer.

To try out the themes, you can use the theme selector at the bottom of each theme or via the Board Style setting in the User CP located here:

Keep in mind, Aeowulf Black is still a development theme. Please report any issues you have with it.
I guess I am the first one to vote here and I cast my vote for Aeowulf Black...pretty cool and seems good for my eyesight Smile

A little bit touch of some colors like some gold or yellow gold or anything that would compliment with this them Aeowulf Black would be perfect.
I voted for Aeowulf Black. Its good theme just needs a little fix.
I too, like the black one very much.
(03-01-2020, 10:50 AM)Pleasure Wrote: I voted for Aeowulf Black. Its good theme just needs a little fix.

Feel free to post about any suggestions you have, or in the bug tracker thread if you find any bugs. Cool
The black one is the best.

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