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Aeowulf Groups | Buy with Wulves
Aeowulf Groups

Custom Groups are finally here, but what are they? How do I get one? All your answers and more information about Custom Groups will be found below in this information thread


What are Groups?
Groups are a new feature. Groups are similar to that of V.I.P/Premium but allow you to display an extra userbar on your profile/posts and allows you to access certain forums and extras as specified by the group/groups you join.

What Group Should I Join?
There are many groups available for you to join although certain groups may have certain requirements which you may or may not meet. Think carefully about what groups you would like to join. The Group Owner determines the group requirements, and it is their decision who is accepted into their group.

How Do I Join A Group?
To join a group, look for their group recruitment thread available in the Group Recruitment & Discussion section and then follow all necessary steps to request to join the group.

How Can I Start A Group?
To start an official group there is a fee that varies depending on the amount of groups currently active and the demand for them. All payment will be made via PayPal or Wulves. To start a group you are required to provide us with images and information about your group etc. The benefits of starting a group include:
  • Your very own userbar to showcase your group
  • You very own forum with exclusive mod rights for you
  • Start exclusive contests and take part in contests in your group

Current Group Openings
The first 3 groups will be created for free, as long as you are able to meet the following requirements:
  • The first group will cost 100 Wulves, the second 200, and the third 300
  • Once the first 3 groups are taken, group openings will be slowly released depending on overall activity of the forum
  • Provide a group name, description, and userbar
Purchase Your Group
To purchase your group, select any of the below available options, donate the appropriate amount of Wulves to Aeowulf, and follow that with a PM with the group name, description, userbar, and desired username styling (color, effect, etc). Styling is not a guarantee but I will try my best to get you as close to it as possible without causing confusion among groups.
  1. GROUP A - 100 Wulves - SOLD
  2. GROUP B - 200 Wulves
  3. GROUP C - 300 Wulves

Other Group Options
If you own a forum and are interested in merging it into Aeowulf, you will be granted a a group and your forum will become a Group Forum. This forum can be open to the public, or closed from public view.
This is seems more fun and exciting...I was wondering who will create the first move for the first group?

I will be watching on this and I would be glad to be part of group that will be worthy to join Smile
Very nice, I actually am loving this site ngl hope it blossoms bro! Looks very cool.
Perhaps if I have enough credits, I could buy the first group. Smile
(03-05-2020, 03:02 AM)Michael Wrote: Perhaps if I have enough credits, I could buy the first group. Smile

You've already got 102 on you and can now buy Group A Smile

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