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Can't unsubscribe?
I didn't add feedback because this is more a bug report than feedback or suggestion, but... When I was trying to unsubscribe from the general chat thread (I need to unsubscribe from a few threads, actually)... It sent me to a 404 page.
Hmm... does it let you unsubscribe from the user control panel? It's pretty hidden, but most MyBB forums let you unsubscribe from there.
Try it now. The subscription was pre-selected in the template, so even if you unsubscribed, when you replied it re-subscribed you.
@Aeowulf - It still brings me to a 404. I'll try what Darth mentioned now.

EDIT: The 404 is still an issue, but I was able to undo them all from the User CP like Darth recommended. Still, I find the 404 a bit concerning just for future stuff.
The 404 is concerning... but I'm not able to recreate it.

Which theme are you using?
Aeowulf Black
That's weird. Just in case what browser are you using?

Maybe something between the two is doing it. Undecided
I use Google Chrome.
If it's of any help, I got the error when using Aeowulf black as well, but on Teal, it works as expected.

The issue is that the unsubscribe link is "usercp2.php?..." on Black, whereas it's "usercp.php" on Teal. This is defined in the showthread -> showthread_subscription template. Not sure why it's changed in the new theme, but that should fix the issue.
Oh, THAT's where you were doing it. I misunderstood, I was doing it via New Reply. I see now, that's been fixed. Should be good.

Thank you for the report Juneberry! Thank you for clearing up my confusion Darth. Cool

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