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Things to Look into When Naming Your Start-Up
You may have a great plan to start a business. You might have done the market study and might have developed the prototypes and might have managed to raise the fund required to start the company. One thing that is as important as these aspects is the name of the start-up. Name is the identity of your business and it creates the brand image in people’s minds. Hence, naming the start-up is not an easy task. You need to look for the following before you start naming.
It Should Connect with Your Customers
Select names that you think will connect easily with your targeted customers. The name should indicate what your start-up is about so that people can easily associate the product or service with your company name. Make sure that the name is unique and is not like your competitors. You can get the help of friends or relatives to make sure that the name has the right impact on customers.
Select Names Easy to Pronounce and Spell
This is very important if you want to advertise the product through the media. Words which are difficult to pronounce will create problems while advertising through radio or TV. Most of the people nowadays use online search to know about the product. Product names that are difficult to spell may not get the attention of the customers and even worse they may not remember the spelling to search it online.
Keep it Short
This is the key to keeping the name easy to remember for the customers. It also helps in using the name effectively in marketing campaigns. You can choose names with two words as well but make sure that it won’t have more than 25 characters. If you want to create slogans for your brand, then having a short name will make things easier. Moreover, you may want to use the name in your company logo and hence consider it when selecting the name.
Domain Name Availability
Most of the customers out there are familiar with the .com domain name. They consider sites with ‘.com’ as the most reliable sites. Consider getting ‘.com’ domain as an investment that can reap profits for your business. You can check the availability of a domain using online tools.
Check Social Media
Any business owner would like to have the same brand name to be used on different marketing channels. Check whether there are similar social media handles already taken by businesses and make changes accordingly. Creating brand awareness can be jeopardized by having different handles on different social media platforms.
Check before You Register
Any new business needs to be registered with Secretary of State Records and if your business has a name that is similar to the already registered business, they may not allow you to register. So, check with US Secretary of State Records before you apply for registration.
Trademark Check
You can check whether the name you have selected can be trademarked by visiting the website ‘’. This will ensure that the name will remain with your company.

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