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Shared or VPS?
What do you use for your website? I mainly use shared, but some of my websites are running by VPS.
All of my sites run off of shared. I personally have no problem with them at all, I also have the professional plans for them, and I've yet to run into a problem thus far.
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Shared are alright for small community but having shared doesn't have the full control of the server then VPs. Depending on who you go with really
I have a shared account - would use VPS if i could afford it, but shared does me fine
I actually used a dedi for a lot of things, since I was running around 20/30 sites instead of paying a lot of money per month, I paid out once for a dedicated server and just used that, much more efficient and I had a lot more control over my server, I used to love using CentOS!
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I used an advanced shared account on one (reseller) - because the VPS version doesn't have cPanel. Now, for my other projects, they're on VPS.

Now, I would prefer a server for everything, but the cost is usually too much.

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