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Ever sell products?
I know a few forums that used to be with the webmaster niche and they used to sell themes and plugins for points, of course you could only buy those points through paypal.

I was wondering if this method was effective or if any of you people have tried it, have you made a website with a section so sell your own digital goods?

It's an interesting concept.
The person above me likes to eat soup with a fork... true story.
It's not the same as selling on a forum, but I made a site where I sold tips and tricks on how to get your youtube videos loads of views and traffic with one easy, and cheap payment of $25. I made a few hundred off of it which was good considering I only spent like $25 on the site. However, I never did sell anything on forums, no. I've never been good enough at making digital goods to sell them online.
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I've never sold anything on my websites. I tried starting up a store that sold shirts and random products with geeky/gamer type image and slogans for one of my sites, but it never gained enough traction to see any sales and I decided to take the store down after a couple of months.
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Thanks bác, giờ mình mới biết đến thông tin hữu ích này. Ai có những thông tin dạng như thế này post lên cho mọi người cùng tham khảo luôn nhé. Đang rất quan tâm
Well, I might be a little ashamed - but I sold access to some bikini sites when I first started webmaster-ing. But I'm not into selling porn or porn-lite now - lol.

Anyway, this was probably back in 2003 or something and SEO was even easier than in 2011 - when I was making $300 a month.
I have this wish that I want to sell some products on etsy and other sites. I have yet to made that dream a reality. I wish to earn from those sources which can pay me enough to live without worry. I have to learn how to design and in the process also create a product that can earn me money. I want to start with say little as 10$ a product. I hope in near future I can attain this goal.

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