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Best sites to sell ads?
Places like BuySellAds, Publicity Clerks, etc. are alright places to go to sell ads. However, BSA tends to decline people and not give them a reason why, making it really hard to get into it.

I've been using forums to help promote ad sales, and was wondering what sites do you use to sell your ads on. Which ones make the most profit for you all, etc.
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Publicity Clerks is becoming more popular by the day it seems - and BuySellAds is really stingy with the sites they allow. I'm rather shocked they're still around. Tongue Publicity Clerks by far, though. It's super easy to place ads and to post them, super easy.
I'm not sure how many people still use it, but PublicityClerks changed its name to AdClerks at some point over the last year or two. I tried to use it a while back, and I wasn't impressed. BuySellAds is still my favorite ad marketplace by far.

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