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How important themes are!
What is the absolute first thing you look at when visiting a website? Some people may say content, others may say activity, but in all reality the very first thing you notice is the theme. It doesn't matter what site you're on, what page you're viewing the theme is the first thing you see. It's how the website is set up, how things flow together, the style of text, EVERYTHING is controlled initially by your theme. This being said, it is extremely important to get the right theme for your website. The theme says everything for first impressions, how your website is ran, the style of your site, etc. Some times you can have the best concept in the world, but without the right theme, it won't matter. I recently visited a website that has a niche that easily gains members, however they only had two members on it. The theme was really hard on the eyes, and didn't go well with the forum at all.. I feel they had two members because initially the first impression on the site was how bad the theme matched the type of forum.

Each genre, niche, etc. has it's own standard of theme. Though it's good to go outside of it, you can only do so to an extent until it negatively affects you. Yes, everyone is trying to make a site that has it's own unique feel to it, however knowing your niche/genre's theme style is extremely important. In this article we will be going with Webmaster/Promotion genre for examples. A webmaster website has to be clean, elegant, and above all else, professional. Some people may have a few things added, changed, etc. to their theme, but at the end of the day, in order to have a webmaster forum become as successful as it can, you will need to have these qualities in your theme. Personally, if you visit a webmaster forum and it is grungy, all black, and looks poorly put together and unprofessional, will you trust them to be a good webmaster forum? Do you feel they will provide as good of a service as someone with a professional, elegant, and clean theme? You may not want to admit it, however, if you clicked on a webmaster or promotion forum and it's poorly put together, unprofessional, and black with clashing colors, chances are you will leave the site without hesitation. This is because your very first impression on the website was the lack of professionalism in their website based on the theme of the site.

It is always best to do some research on the niche of your website. Check out other sites, your rivaling websites to see how their site looks, what's the general theme of the niche. Each niche can have drastic differences. Whilst Webmaster/Promotion has an elegant and professional feel, gaming themes often times have grungy, and dark themes to them. They stand out, and look completely different than the average webmaster site. Knowing your niche, and the base theme is extremely important.

If you are having any questions about a finding the average theme in your niche, post the niche below and I'll research is for you, and tell you my findings. If you'd like to see how your theme looks for your niche post your website in section of the forum.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope it gives you some insight on how important themes are to your website. If I have helped out in any way please don't hesitate to rate this post.
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What a great share
Ever think of blogging to increase traffic?
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Fuser, post: 592, member: 38 Wrote:What a great share
Ever think of blogging to increase traffic?
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I feel having everything in this section is better, and easier for people to read than having a blog. So, I haven't actually thought about blogging. I want to have whatever is easiest for the community, and whatever will help people out more.
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I am about to spend some time reading all of your tutorials, this information seems golden
Urban News & Discussions
In fact just updated my forum theme today and it now has a fully responsive mobile version I'm very happy with it so far just need to Tinker with it to get it looking right

My niche is urban news and my biggest competing sites are [URL=""][/URL] [URL=""][/URL] and [URL=""][/URL]
Urban News & Discussions
I definitely agree the look and feel (the theme) of your site says a ton about it. I know not everyone can afford to have a custom theme done by a team of professionals but most can atleast buy the theme and pay the theme designer extra to customize it. When I started my new site I tried several different premade themes and tried my best to customize it to make it look better but it never really looked how I felt it should. I even went on Fiverr to get a "professional" looking logo done and that didn't turn out well either. I finally hired the guys at Audentio Design/ThemeHouse to design a custom theme and professional logo and I couldn't be happier about how it turned out. While content may be king looks are everything.
This is a bump for the topic Smile
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Your design of your forum is what sets the intro point for any visitors. If your forum looks like crap then the rest of it does not matter. People will leave before registering.

Much like a gas station do you stop of dumps or wait to see a nicer one?
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