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Partnering with forums
Most of the time, partnerships with forums that aren't too similar can be beneficial to both sites as you could potentially gain some users from each other.

Have you ever considered partnering with other forums to gain some members from them?
I'm not a big fan of partnering, regardless of the case I've never found it beneficial at all. I don't partner on anything, from discord servers to websites. I found that you still bring traffic to another site, and they do the same, however there will always be one bringing more to the other and tensions can get high. You can risk burning down bridges doing that or risk getting into conflict over something trivial, which I've seen happen a few times.
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Well, sorry to bust anyone's balloon, but forums are sort of "on the way out". I mean, there needs to be around 10 people at least talking all the time - and often you have to pay them! Well, I have a popular drum lesson Facebook page - but they simply don't want to get off the page - and into my forum - even though it's a good forum.

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