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Building and Communicating with a Social Media and/or Email List
Regarding Social Media

Well, as mentioned in another thread, it's massively difficult - even with good material.  Well, even with good material - you will probably have to pay.   Anyway, you got two things to overcome - as hinted at in the title - as in building it first - and then talking to it!  I mean, you could easily pay to build a huge list - and then - it just sits there comically   Big Grin .

What to do?

In the case of Facebook, and it's probably not different on Twitter, YouTube etc.. - is - as we said pay - and, in fact, pay a lotBig Grin  In this case, as with other business ventures, I'd advise getting loans - or whatever else is effective.

Advantage of Email List

Actually, all it needs is to be built - as far as I know.  I haven't done much with that format.

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