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Pitching an Online Sale
Many marketers say it takes several times to get a sale.  In fact, I think the average is around seven pitches.  Anyway, before you could even make that effective - you'd need a large email and/or social media list - unless, of course, the list is very small and very hot.  In other words, that list would have to be highly targeted buyers - in the mood to buy.

Cold Traffic 

That's traffic that probably won't buy but can be grown into something you want.

Warm Traffic

This traffic is more likely to buy than cold.

Hot Traffic

This would be the goal of most marketers - to get, at the very least, a small percentage who will probably buy.

Anyway, putting your prospects into a list, social media and/or email - is the general way to warm up - some of the traffic - to hot.   Who has tried that?  What was your results?  Who wants to?

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