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My Mindfulness Tips!
Welcome everyone to my 91st tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly a miracle for me anyways!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to be conscious that staying alive is your only goal, purpose and meaning in life. Nothing else matters. But your life. “I’m alive, here and now, that’s it, that’s all!” If feeling overwhelmed by life, it’s because you’ve lost touch with the most important thing ever that is going with everything in life. Have this one thing solely on mind every moment in your life should appease your emotional state. For me personally it does anyways.

My 91st tip : writing therapy. I love free style writing. I note down in my notebook with a pen what’s happened to me in my day. And I’ve noticed that I feel an emotional relief after writing them all down. Do it daily.
This is my 92nd post on mindfulness. Working the greatest for me personally!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to take a rest from your thoughts and feelings. To stop your mind from derailing and harming yourself or another. To know what you’re thinking and feeling about everything in life is entirely different from your current facts.

My 92nd tip : colouring therapy. Try colouring mindlessly and using any shades to colour your life. This is used to treat BPD which I have. Try seeing all the beautiful shades in life and your mood is like a colour too. Choose the colour your current moment is.
Welcome everyone to my 93rd chapter on mindfulness. Truly great so far for me!

What’s mindfulness? It’s knowing fully and wholly that you can change how you feel about everything in life. You don’t have to feel or think like your mind wants you to. Knowing you can relax and enjoy it too in life! Every time moment in life is always changing so, don’t like the mood you’re in? Just change it and notice it, that’s it, that’s all.

My 93rd tip : mindful browsing. Put yourself in a comfortable position to browse and choose your favourite sites and devices to browse. I personally prefer mobile browsing, but to each their own. I usually am on social media, forums, blogs and shopping sites because I feel more connected to the site’s content.
This is my 94th tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly helps so far for me!

What’s mindfulness? It’s knowing that if you’re stressed out or depressed, it’s because you can’t see the beauty and light anymore. It’s to cleanse and free yourself from all negativity and remain positive about everything in life.

My 94th tip : music therapy. I put on in the background to help me relax usually a harmonious and relaxing music. I’m focusing wholly and fully on it and only the beautiful and harmonious music matters for me in the moment.
I love music. Music is very important for me and I really got into it in the 90's. I can thank my brother for getting me into a lot of artists!
The Quasi Sequitur - Explore my insanity
Toxic Neurosis - My Tumblr blog
Welcome everyone to my 95th chapter on mindfulness. Truly miraculous for me so far!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to keep in mind that your goal is to stay alive and breathing. These things alone are happiness. Why? Because others might have trouble breathing even or even dead. Also to keep in mind that emotional suffering is your doing too. You can choose to think and feel happy about your current moment too.

My 95th tip : aroma therapy. Scent your clothes, bed sheets, pillows and blankets to feel good about life currently. To convince your mind that it is safe in the present moment. Don’t buy any brand names perfume, just invest in a nice and cheap refreshing essential oils scent and that should do the trick for you.
This is my 96th chapter on mindfulness. The best treatment for me anyways!

What’s mindfulness? Knowing that you have the power, choice and freedom to do whatever you wish with life’s circumstances. Seeing it another way is another way outside your mind. It’s to quit dwelling on bad moments and knowing you can choose to feel and however the heck you want with everything in life. That empowers you to do whatever you want with your life’s ups and downs currently as long as you’re not hurting yourself or another.

My 96th tip : mindful forgiveness. Forgiving others and yourself includes embracing your weaknesses and working on self-improvement and self-management. Forgiving others is to accept them as they are without any judgement at all. I’m there and wish bliss with yourself and others all the way in life!
This is my 98th post on mindfulness. Truly the best for me personally!

What’s mindfulness? To treat yourself and others in your life with care, kindness and respect. No self-respecting person will harm themselves or another. Because your current moment is totally worth it despite everything you find wrong with it!

My 98th tip : music therapy. I love classical music myself and my favourite genre is waltz on violin. My favourite composers : Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Vavaldi, Strauss and Schubert.
Welcome everyone to my 99th post on mindfulness. Truly my favourite treatment so far!

What’s mindfulness? To be aware about your current surroundings and what you’re feeling and thinking about it. But to not put your whole mind onto your thoughts and feelings but your current facts. Let your facts and rationality decide on the best thing to do with your whole current moment.

My 99th tip : mindful meditation. Knowing that you’re safe with your current surroundings will help you decide what to do with it. Describe it to yourself : “Currently, I am...”.
This is my 100th tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly the best treatment for me!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to let your mind know that it can relax and feel good about this current moment. To appreciate and notice every moment’s goodness in life.

My 100th tip : aroma therapy. Wash yourself with scented face and body cleansers, put on scented body, foot, lip, joint and hand balm. I use lemon and lavender scented skincare products myself.

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