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My Mindfulness Tips!
Welcome everyone to my 285th tip and definition on mindfulness.

What's mindfulness? It's to realize and recognize that your mind is feeling and thinking a certain way about your current moment. And that only you have the power and freedom to stop it from hurting yourself or another human being.

My 285th tip : mindful meditation. In total darkness, close your eyes, sit or lay down in a comfortable position, focusing on your breathing and the position you're in. Listen to your heartbeat and breathing sound and become wholly and feeling aware that you're just sitting or laying down there. Do it for about 15-20 minutes daily. I do it when I have anything on mind to purge it, release it and free it from my mind this current moment. Whilst meditating, I have nothing else on mind but perfect bliss, stillness and calmness sweeping me away this present moment in life.
This is my 286th post on mindfulness.

What's mindfulness? To recognize and realize that you have the choice, freedom and power to respond and react to things however you fucking want and to live the life you want except hurting yourself or another human being. Why is life a blank page? For you to fill it with your very own choices and decisions you make for yourself every moment in your life.

My 286th tip : aroma therapy. I have a "lavender, rosemary and chamomile" room scent that I spray all over my room, blanket, pillows and bed sheets. I take deep breaths, inhale, exhale, hold it for 3-5 seconds, focusing this current moment on all the aromas around me and ask myself these self-grounding questions : "what does it currently smell like?" and as well "what does it currently taste like around me actually? And provide your own answers to these questions. That's mindfulness.

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