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My Mindfulness Tips!
Welcome everyone to my 101th post on mindfulness.Truly my favorite treatment so far!

What's mindfulness? It's to live so in the moment, that you're not caring about anything else but the bliss in the present moment. It's to be there for yourself, to live for yourself and not others. Knowing that you can stop worrying about it and take it easy too every moment in life.

My 101th tip : mindful singing-along. Been singing along "Silent Night" last night because I couldn't fall back asleep, been awake for about 2-3 hours before going back to sleep. But I'm still ok today because I haven't had anything at all on mind but the song's lyrics and my own singing voice.
This is my 102 mindfulness chapter. Working wonders for me so far!

What's mindfulness? Realizing that your current moment has changed, thence your facts have too, thence you should stop thinking and feeling badly about your current circumstances in life, others have it far worse than you.

My 102 tip : mindful self-care. Doing things you enjoy in life's every moment and choosing to do so is self-care. For example, listening to your favorite music, reading your favorite book, watching your favorite show or movie, putting on your favorite clothes, having your favorite food and drinks, and etc.
Welcome everyone to my 103rd tip and definition on mindfulness. My favorite so far in life!

What's mindfulness? To keep in touch with your present moment. To feel connected to your whole being and not pay any mind to the the bad things in life. To stop feeling bad about it to treat as no biggie. I'm on period currently, but I'm not triggered at all by it. And this morning a fellow female bus passenger has asked me if the bus has passed or not, and I've chosen to respond nicely to her question, doing myself good at the same time. Your sole purpose in life should be to do yourself and others good. So to speak, is to enjoy everything and everyone in your life and choose with care your responses to everything in life. Your feelings and thoughts don't depend on your mind, but your own self. It's you the sole decider in your life's every moment. To embrace it fully or not, entirely your choice.

My 103rd tip : mindful describing. List off every facts observable to you, not your feelings and thoughts. It's also called "factual describing." Pick to mind your positive facts every moment in your life. For example, I've described to myself for my current light bleeding : A light orange-red bleeding, which will stop in about 24 hours. I've noticed there's no smell to it. So, for this tip, ask yourself these : "What am I smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing and touching currently?" So that's all for today! Hope this helps!
This is my 104th post on mindfulness. My personal favorite treatment so far!

What's mindfulness? Not having anything on mind, emptying your mind and just having this current moment's bliss and happiness to be alive. It's bringing out your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. To discipline and behave yourself every moment in your life.

My 104th tip : music therapy. I always have in the background a spa and massage salon music to be in the present moment. I'm truly free from any emotional reasoning and dramatizing and realizing that I can be happy this current moment too. The moment matters!
Welcome everyone to my 105th chapter on mindfulness. Truly wonderful for me so far!What's mindfulness?

It's to ground yourself into safety. To convince and persuade your mind that it's safe here and now and alive too. That you can be happy this moment too. Every moment is beautiful and utter bliss and peace for everyone. At least, that is if you choose to look at it that way.

My 105th tip : audio therapy. I always have on an "ocean waves crashing on the shore" soundtrack to calm my nerves and I'm realizing that this moment is peaceful and safe for me to just by listening to it wholly and fully. I'm putting my whole mind onto that soothing natural sound making me enjoy my current moment. I use "Soundcloud" as my music app because it's free and there's a "repeat" button, so I can listen to it to infinitum. I meditate on this sound too and feeling like I'm at the beach by the sea, sipping a tropical cocktail on a long chair.
This is my 106th tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly the best for me personally!

What's mindfulness? To know what you're thinking and feeling about everything in life. To be conscious that it's your thoughts and feelings about your current moment that are absurd, irrational and unreasonable. To know that you're having unreasonable expectations from yourself and others for the moment. To know what you can do with your current moment.

My 106 tip : aroma therapy. Burn incense or light a candle whilst you're dining. Why? Because with this, you can actually see, smell and taste the current moment.
Welcome everyone to my 107th post on mindfulness. Truly great for me so far!

What's mindfulness? To see the current moment with your mind's eyes. In other words, to feel connected to it wholly and fully. To see ahead and the big picture. And to see past what you've trapped yourself into. All mental health issues can be healed with seeing and feeling everything in life differently.

My 106 tip : aroma therapy. Use a room spray for aroma therapy. That way, it'll stay longer and you'll smell happiness in your room all day. I use a lavender-eucalyptus one on my bed and spray it all over my bed sheets, my pillows and my blanket. I'm smelling a grounding lavender scent night and day in my room to stay connected with my present moment, to smell happiness and peace all around me.
This is my 110 chapter on mindfulness. My favorite treatment so far personally!

What's mindfulness? It's to feel your presence. That your existence is sheer happiness, and strictly happiness. That you should happy to be alive this current moment. Not to lost touch with your life's every moment. To see it wholly and fully with your mind. To feel it.

My 110th tip : mindful showering. I scratch the dirt off my whole body and face and I cleanse myself with a gentle yet soul-cleansing body and face cleansers. I use powdered ones to feel each grain on my body and face. I scrub myself after with a body and face scrub. I put on a thick body and face cream after too for ultra-dry and sensitive skin for my body. But for my face, I use an anti-acne cleanser and cream
What happened to 8 and 9? lol
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zoldos Wrote:What happened to 8 and 9? lol

Oops, my bad.

Welcome everyone to my 111th tip and definition on mindfulness. My favorite way to relax myself so far personally!

What's mindfulness? To know that you're letting your thoughts and feelings take over you. Quit doing that and listen to reason to live your life's every moment. Ground yourself into your present surroundings. Stop panicking and stressing out because it's not necessary, it's useless and futile to worry about it. Indeed, why worry about it currently?

My 111th tip : music therapy. I've switched to and have installed on my web browser an add-on that's letting me replay my favorite indefinitely. I usually have in the background a calming spa, deep sleep music or music for insomnia on youtube with water droplet sounds. I have it on all the time and focus on the sounds it's making rather than my thoughts and feelings, it's so relaxing.

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