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My Mindfulness Tips!
I love racing games. One of my favorite genres. Big Grin
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zoldos, post: 715, member: 1 Wrote:I love racing games. One of my favorite genres. Big Grin
Yeah me too!

Welcome everyone to my 122nd post on mindfulness. Loving it currently!

What's mindfulness? It's knowing that always enjoying yourself is your goal, purpose and meaning in life. Remind yourself that every moment in your life that life is to be happy with everything in it, including others. Fears and phobias, stress, anxiety and depression and mental illnesses have come also from your mind. It's to be aware that your mind is tricking you into being unhappy about your current moment and that you can change your mind about it by turning every moment in your life into beauty, light, positivity and happiness. Don't worry, just be happy in your life! Stop minding anything else in your life but happiness. That's all there is to mindfulness. See it and notice it and remind yourself that you can be happy despite it all and live with it. Can you stand or take it? Yes you can. Yes you can live with it all. Try your best at life and that's enough for you currently!

My 122nd tip : gaming therapy. I'm fully invested in a free Pokemon mobile game called : "Pokemon masters." Endless challenges and battles to fight and win. I love it because I can just mindlessly click my touchscreen and win the Pokemon battle. It's a turn-based RPG. Very good for relaxing, trust me!
Welcome everyone to my 124th chapter on mindfulness. Really effective for me so far!

What's mindfulness? To know your every moment's primary function is to exist, to live on despite it all, to be brave and hopeful. To know you can take a positive mindset on everything in life.

My 124th tip : I've bought myself a sandalwood and vanilla room spray which I've sprayed all over my bed sheets, blanket, pillows and in my room. Inhale, exhale and with each inhaling, focus wholly and fully on the grounding aromas around you.
This is my 125th tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly the greatest for me personally!

What's mindfulness? It's to know your current surroundings and what's everything in life for primarily. To treat in a perfectly placid and stoic way which I am currently. Triggered, struggling or suffering this current moment? Because you're choosing to put yourself there. Stop a moment and reflect upon how you're currently taking it and leave it there. Take it off your mind ASAP! Yes you can!

My 125th tip : mindful wording. You're always talking to yourself and why not talk to yourself in a positive way? Why not say nice things to yourself? Why not change your wording to yourself and bring out it's primary function? For example, I'm no longer triggered in the slightest by my period anymore or my discharges. Why? Because I know it's just sexual cleansing and my body purging my ovaries out from it's system. It's my body purifying itself sexually every month and that's what distinguishes males from females biologically. So your scientific function is to live on every moment in your life, not to "take it" or "stand it". Recognize these are your thoughts and feelings that you're mind is putting onto you. Mindfulness is just treat every moment in your life rationally and you can do it too!
Welcome everyone to my 126th post on mindfulness. Loving it currently!

What's mindfulness? It's to see with your mind your happiness. To live happily ever after and knowing that you can choose happiness, peace and perfect bliss every moment in your life. To look after yourself and to notice every little thing in life that has made you happy today. To live by the current moment. Having it on sight and in touch with your current moment and life.

My 126th tip : gaming therapy. Been so fully and wholly addicted to "Solitaire Klondlike" on my phone. I love mobile gaming. Why? Because touching my screen makes me feel more connected to my present enjoyment in life. I know I'm having with my game this very moment. Find THE game that you can be so addicted to that you're fully and wholly sucked into it, absorbed by your moment's happiness. Why do I love "Solitaire" so much? Because it's easy to play and it's just a clicking game. I feel like I'm doing something fun with it. Been enjoying it for 25 years, since 7 years old in fact. Find a game you enjoy playing
This is my 127th chapter on mindfulness. Truly a miracle for me personally!

What's mindfulness? It's to be so engrossed and addicted to what you're doing currently, that you're not minding anything else but that. To know fully that you can do whatever you want with your life, every moment in your life, you can choose to do the things you enjoy most in life and make every moment in your life enjoyable for you. That's within your power to do for now.

My 127th tip : aroma therapy. I always have on a rich scented body balm because my skin can become so dehydrate that I have to have something on 24/7. I have on a lavender one and use an ultra gentle and smooth with sugar honey and lavender body, feet, face and hand scrub.
Welcome everyone to my 128th tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly miraculous for me so far!

What's mindfulness? To mind only the happiness, goodness in the current moment. Feeling so utterly blissful in it that you're 1 with it.

My 128th tip : mindful sleeping. Put on a sleeping mask if you have trouble falling asleep. It'd steady your head and thence making you feel your eyes and head there.
This is my 128th post on mindfulness. Truly the greatest for me personally!

What's mindfulness? It's to be one with the current moment. To be so happy in it that you don't wanna leave it.

My 129th tip : aroma therapy. I always have on my Burt's Bees strawberry lip balm. It helps me connect with my current moment.
Welcome everyone to my 129th chapter on mindfulness.

What's mindfulness? To awaken yourself fully to your still and calming surroundings and facts. To bring yourself back to rationality this very moment.

My 129th tip : aroma therapy. I'm smelling always a lavender-eucalyptus scent in my room, on my bed sheets, pillows and blanket. It's so soothing and grounding that I'm forgetting everything else but the grounding scent and myself this current moment in my life.
This is my 130th tip and definition on mindfulness.

What's mindfulness? To feel connected or wholly attached body and mind to your current moment. To see the good and reject all bad things in life.

My 130th tip : massage therapy. I've invested myself in a self-massing electric tool to go under the shower. I put my lemon scented powdered body wash or scrub on it and rub my whole body and face with it. It truly feels so cleansing and relaxing. It relieves muscles aches, soreness and numbness. It's like an extended arm.

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