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My Mindfulness Tips!
This is my 84th chapter on mindfulness. Working great so far for me!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to know you are still in control. Feeling like losing it or going nuts? Why? Because you are in crisis and don’t know what you’re doing anymore. You don’t know you’re letting your emotions take over your rationality. Take a moment to reflect on how you’re reacting, responding and acting with yourself and others around you. Negativity and all suffering in life are also emotions you can choose to stop feeling.

My 84th tip : mindful describing. Describe to yourself objectively which is without any emotions attached to it, what’s occurring to you. Note in your head how you’re feeling and thinking about your current moment. It should stop you from acting rashly with others and yourself at all times in your life.
Sounds good. Thanks for this! Smile
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Welcome everyone to my 85th tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly the greatest for me personally!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to pay attention wholly and fully to the present moment and nothing else. At the current, I’m alive, that’s it, that’s all. Staying alive and being happy with it should be your goal at all costs and it’s all life-forms’ unique goal. Everything else is unnecessary to even think about for the moment.

My 85th tip : aroma therapy. I have on always a sweet mint flavoured lip balm, an organic and all natural one. I feel so connected to my present moment. The minty taste really helps me feel calm in the present moment. I’m feeling like nothing else matters but my sweet mint lip balm.
I love burning scented oil and incense. Seems to calm me. Smile
The Quasi Sequitur - Explore my insanity
Toxic Neurosis - My Tumblr blog
This is my 86th post on mindfulness. Truly a miracle for me personally!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to know what you can do for now with your current moment. How you respond to your living environment depends solely on you and no one can define that for you. Responding to everything in life without hurting others and yourself is your goal, meaning and purpose in life. It’s to be 100% aware that you are emotionally driven if stressed out and that is your imagination triggering it.

My 86th tip : zoo therapy. Try taking a picture with a pet and doing things with it. It wants only to play and have fun this present moment because it’s the only thing they know how to do. So enjoy your current moment by playing with a pet and confiding to it your innermost thoughts and feelings. They can’t respond but they can understand you and even empathize with you.
Welcome everyone to my 87th tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly the most effective treatment for me!

What’s mindfulness? It’s knowing fully that you can act differently from what your mind is wanting you to do. To not depend on your thoughts and feelings to live your life. To know wholly that you can live your life however you want without harming yourself or another. That’s the only thing you can’t do in life. But otherwise, you’re pretty free to do and be whatever you want in life. Knowing you have this power and freedom should motivate you enough to be at peace with your current moment.

My 87th tip : music therapy. I’m into Asian zen and meditation music lately. Put on strictly slow and harmonious melodies without any lyrics that should help you focus on relaxing. Search on YouTube “Asian meditation music” and there’s plenty free for you at your disposal. I personally prefer Japanese music but that’s just me.
Yes music helps me relax a lot!
The Quasi Sequitur - Explore my insanity
Toxic Neurosis - My Tumblr blog
This is my 88th tip and definition on mindfulness. Truly wonderful for me so far!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to fully be conscious about what you are doing and saying. It’s to look after yourself and do the things you enjoy in life. It’s to be in the current reality and not your thoughts and feelings.

My 88th tip : mindful sipping. I sip my drinks usually on a sunny terrace at a bar in the Summer. But on an indoor one in a coffee shop at other times. I sip my coffee and tea with 2 creams and 2 sugars. I don’t have anything else to drink at all other than coffee, tea and iced water.
Welcome everyone to my 89th post on mindfulness. Truly the best for me personally!

What’s mindfulness? It’s to ground yourself into the present moment. To live in this very moment and realizing that being alive is happiness incarnate. Negativity is also your decision to be negative about it, not the thing itself. You’re attaching a negative emotional value to it, thence quit doing it.

My 89th tip : mindful describing. Pay attention wholly and fully to your surroundings and describe where you are currently to yourself. I’ve found that it helps knowing it’s just another moment in my life and nothing else. Because every bad feelings come also from your mind. Stop living in your thoughts and emotions and live in your current surroundings.
This is my 90th chapter on mindfulness. Wha a great treatment it is for me personally! I love it!

What’s mindfulness? It’s knowing fully that every moment in your life you have the choice and freedom to decide what’s best for yourself. It’s to become fully aware that your responses to others and everything in life are wholly separate from your thoughts and emotions. To be fully aware that you can do whatever you want in life except harming yourself and others. That’s all you can’t do in life but anything else depends solely on your own free will.

My 90th tip : mindful responding. In communication and socializing, it’s you who can choose what to talk about with others. For example, if you don’t like the topic talked about, you can answer : “it’s too personal a question” or simply : “I don’t wanna talk about this”. To fully express with respect to the other that you’re not at ease with their questions or the subject they’re talking about. That’s your prerogative and power to do. That’s how I’ve answered a neighbor who’s been a tad too nosy about my employment situation. I hate answering questions on this so I’ve said so to her and she and I have moved on to other things to talk about enjoyable for both. I’ve changed the subject to her dog and have had a pleasant time practicing my basic communication techniques learnt in therapy this week.

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