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2 Years Anniversary!
It’s been exactly 2 years since I’ve last attempted suicide or self-harm or even had any suicidal thoughts and feelings at all. Please celebrate with me my very special moment by spamming party food and drinks! Thanks everyone!
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zoldos, post: 3248, member: 1 Wrote:Awesome!!
I have definitely overcome suicidal depression with 8 years in therapy and seeing a psychiatrist. Quite worth the effort! I currently only suffer from about a dozen mental disabilities : Asperger's, OCD, bipolar, social awkwardness, social anxiety, selective mutism, generalized stress and anxiety disorder, PTSD, ADHD, BDP, body image issues and a sleep disorder as my current diagnosis. But very mild and a lot more controlled with my medication too. And 3 physical disabilities : SAD, migraines and anal bleeding. 15 mental and physical health issues in total, but very very mild and I'm just coping with them a lot better than ever before and have them under control with my therapies and medication mostly. So everything is better with my current life.
Sounds great. Smile
The Quasi Sequitur - Explore my insanity
Toxic Neurosis - My Tumblr blog

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