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News Welcome Syndicate Lounge
I am happy to announce that The Syndicate Lounge, a community ran by our very own zoldos and Naiwen, has joined Aeowulf. I want to welcome all Syndicate Lounge members!

The Syndicate Lounge closed not too long ago. It was a relatively new community, but already a strong one that I did not want to just let die. Zoldos agreed, and it is now part of Aeowulf.

For now, the Syndicate Lounge will maintain its own forum under the groups, located here:

At the discretion of zoldos, the Syndicate Lounge may become a full-fledged group, or may be absorbed into the larger Aeowulf community.

Once again, welcome! I am excited to have you part of the Aeowulf family.
Cool man, good work on the merge!! Big Grin
~Nonsensical Musings | My Youtube~
Building the community through acquisitions. Greetings to all of the Syndicate Loungers.
Thanks friend! Smile
~Nonsensical Musings | My Youtube~

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