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Female gamers are becoming more popular?

The number of women playing video games is on the up, according to the BBC. They describe this specifically in Asian female gamers, who expand at a faster pace than their male counterparts.

What do you think of the above? What do you think is the reason?

I believe the popularity of YouTubers female gaming is influential in this regard, as they can broadcast to a wide range of people and show that women gamers should be taken seriously.
It seems they’re also counting mobile gamers, so it’s not really surprising that both male and female are growing, since there’s not really a difference between the sexes in phone ownership. But the overall amount of gamers still favours men, which is why the growth is higher in women (5% -> 10% is 100% growth, 50% -> 55% is 10% growth). And I agree with the YouTube thing, there are a lot more female YouTube/Twitch gamers than what there were before.

Although the main thing holding women back are the sexist attitudes from men, and the toxic gamer girl mentality imo.
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Totally normal for women to be gamers nowadays. That stigma isn't there anymore.

My wife is in the living room playing Sims. Tongue

Even my daughter plays kid games on my phone.
The big part of it is mainly that women today recognize their role of being economically productive but at the same time relish the free time they have by playing games and making merry.

Lifestyle is a reason, amongst many others. Only time can tell that if its for good or not.
Wait, girls play video games? What? lol
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