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Favourite game?
What’s your favourite game (current or of all time)?

For me I’m currently obsessed with 51 worldwide games on the switch, since it has so many different games in both great at, and suck horribly at (if anyone can play renegade please help, I haven’t even beat the easiest CPU  Sad )
But of all time I’d say minecraft, mainly modded minecraft since I spent thousands of hours playing it for a large majority of my life, and I still play it now and again when I have the time.
[Image: AO23sFn.png]
Favorite of all-time is Total Annihilation. Bought the game at least 7 different times back in the day when game discs broke or lost, etc. The last 2 times were digital for good measure (now I have it in Steam).

Came out in 1997, and was what got me really into gaming and RTS games.
Hmmmm, this question is hard. I like league of legends but my favorite is far cry 5.

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