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Kitties GFX shop
Hello, I will make you a signature of you give me details!

I am not part of the GFX team until I see some people who like my work. Post your details like so:

What you want your sig to look like (ie-game or space)
Text2 (optional)
Text colour
If no text colour is said, colour will be black!

[spoiler][Image: 48A202BF-3DC2-4A80-953B-0AAD0242DAD1-634...835894.jpg][/spoiler]
Simple signature I made in like 5 mins. Kinda pointless. Lol

Thank you for choosing kitty
I guess I will take one. Make the sig look like MW2

Text1 Toxique
Text2 (optional) none
Text colour - Green
Ok, I will start working on it :3 thanks for first customer!

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