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Simple User Badges w/ PSD
Was just experimenting with some new possible badges for the site, but got bored and decided to make some simple ones and release them.

The colour of the background is changeable by changing the colours in the gradient overlay, you will see how i have it set out and how you recreate the same gradient with different colours.

You will need the font Lobster 1.4 for my exact font but using just Lobster will work.

There is also a shine/reflection image at top left of the badge, it can be removed or not simply a preference decision.

[Image: Preview_zps90c496fe.png]

[Image: 7.gif]
These are great user badges for a small forum, Nice job VOIII!
[Image: eNGXYIC.png]
Lookin pretty sexy!! to bad i dont run a forum and dont have pohotshop anymore. I do say tho i really like the simple clean look.
Nice and simple badges Smile
Nice and simple. Good job.
I never saw these badges before, great job Voi that is a nice font you used.
I would recommend these for a smaller, just beginning forum. Thanks Voi.
[Image: ANIEMEEEE.png]
Signature by me.

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